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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Electric Bill

back in april my electricity got cut off, and to answer the question in your head. yes i paid my bill and i paid it on time. my apt complex has two address 200 oak knoll circle and 202 oak knoll circle. i live at 200 oak knoll circle apt 313. someone moved into 202 oak knoll circle apt 313b in january. they proceeded to sign up for electricity for my apt and not theirs. since they signed up with a different provider this initiated a switch for my apt from 1st choice to gexa. when the problem was noticed gexa corrected the address on the other tennants account and moved my apt under my complex's account. i recieved a bill in feb, but not in march. i though that maybe my bill got lost in the mail and i paid the same amount as i had in feb so that my electricity wouldn't be shut off. in april i recieved a check from my electric provider for the amount i had sent in in march. since i had recieved a letter from my apt complex stating that they switch providers in feb. i started to wonder if they switched their tennants provider too, and i figured i would recieve a bill from this new provider. a couple days latter my apt complex sent me a letter stating that i owed them money for my electricity from feb-march and that i had 48hrs to contact them before it was turned off. 72 hrs later i gave them a check for the full amount owed. five days later....zap. no more electricity for jlay. i know that it wasn't their fault i got slammed, but i feel it was their fault that i got disconnected. i feel they could have handled the situation better. they keep trying to put blame on the electric company for my power being shut off. it only took me 8 days to get my electricity back on! they have since sent me a bill for march-april. i've quietly been protesting this bill. even though i know i ow them the money i haven't paid them for it, and it has been a week since i recieved the bill. i would say they ow me and they should eat this bill, but it has come to my attention that they didn't bill me for jan-feb. so i will pay them the money for march-april, but i'm still an little mad at them and am holding out.


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