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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tossing Out Apple Cores

it bugs me when people throw trash out their car window. i want to stop, pick it up, catch back up to them, and dump it in their lap. with that said, i throw the core of my eaten apples out my car window and into the grass.

am i a hypocrite? it is 100% natural and extremely biodegradable. i refuse to throw man made materials out my car window, but i don't have a problem with throwing fruit out my window. as long as i'm throwing it into the grass. i'd rather throw my apple core into the grass or behind a bush than throw it into a garbage bag with a final stop of the landfill. if the apple core makes it's way to the landfill it cannot benefit nature. under a bush or in the grass it becomes food for insects and/or fertilizer for the nearby plants.

am i a hypocrite? maybe i am, but i have my standards and a method to my madness.


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