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Friday, February 01, 2008

Increased In Value?

i'm not big on buying designer jean. they cost too much and i don't care if i'm wearing the latest fashion. i typically buy Levi 569 Jeans for $30 - $40. i have a pair of Levi Jeans that i've had for three or four years and a couple of weeks ago they started to develop a hole in the left leg. two days ago the small hole turned into a large hole while i was kneeling down to poke at the fire in my fire place.

does this new found wear mean that my jeans have increased in value? are they now worth as much as this pair of Lucky Jeans?

you know, i find it humorous that jeans tend to cost more as the number of holes in them increases. why is this, i wonder? the even bigger question is why do people pay hundreds of dollars on a pair of jeans with holes in them when they could have purchased a pair for $30 to $50 and put the holes in themselves. i could go and buy a pair of $200 jeans full of holes and not be able to give them to charity because of the exact same holes that made them cost so much. is that not just crazy?


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