"Should've Been A Cowboy"

Monday, May 23, 2005


this past weekend i went to austin to celebrate the birthday of a good friend of mine. i and 2 other guys all drove there on friday night. that night we watched the mavs play while eating @ hooters. for the first time ever i heard a hooters girl offer to "debone" our meat. i as well as the other guys couldn't help but find that funny. if you're a guy you know why. oh, though i was rooting for the mavs i must say that even if they beat phoenix. i do not feel that they would have beat san antonio. you can't beat san antonio when your 7ft gets 1 board in a game. nash got 13 in one game. due's like 6ft tall.

anyway.... the next morning we all woke up and played golf. i hadn't played in 6 months and had only been to the driving range once in the last 6 months. therefore i put up a daunting 51 on the front 9. not jlay style. out of my frustration i decided to play the whole back 9 with only my driver so that i could justify my bad score. when i say play with only my driver that includes putting and chipping. i proceeded to shoot a 45 on the back 9 with only my driver. it was greatness beating my friends with only my driver on the back 9. though that wasn't enough to win the round all together, it was quite nice hearing them bitch about it on the way home.

on to saturday night. where did we go? where else? 6th street. it was a blast. we spent most of the night in coyote ugly. though more expensive than other bars on the strip. definitely entertaining to the male eye. i was originally going to be the "DD", but since the bday boy's allergies were buggin' him he decided to not drink. so i was a good friend and did it for him. for those who want to see women dancing on the bar. either rent the movie coyote ugly or ask to see the video on my phone.

sunday was a lax day. woke up around 11am. we went to razoos for our first meal of the day. i couldn't help but notice one of the waitress turning to look @ me on a repetitive basis. i noticed this because i was checking out every waitress that walked by. this waitress, which was not our waitress, ends up bringing out our food, and proceeds to ask who ordered the gator tail. i said that i did. the next thing i know she is telling me she likes my style. followed by the guys commenting on the pass that she made. it's always nice to be flirted with. makes your feel good. it's even better when it is in front of your friends.


At 5/24/2005 5:01 PM, Blogger kerri said...

jlay in a hooters... what a picture

At 5/25/2005 1:35 PM, Blogger j-lay said...

it's never my idea to go to hooters. i think i've now been 3 times in my life. their food isn't that good and i do not like the hooters' outfits that much. what can i say, i like being with my friends that i've know for 18 yrs. it's not my fault they are horny young men.


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