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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Cute Girl, Vacuum Cleaners, & Free Coke

today i have a couple of topics that i feel i could blog about, but i don't want to stretch it out over a couple of days. so i'm just going to ramble a bit today.

yesterday after work i drove to the post office to pick up my vacuum cleaner part because i had gotten a notice in my mail box the day before stating that it had arrived. i thought that the not said that my package was at the post office, but due to the postman's poor hand writing i was mislead. the nice man at the post office informed me that my package was actually at my apartments office. this was no big deal since my apartment office didn't close for another hour.

from the post office i drove to get gas at a gas station that was selling gas for $2.03 per gallon. i found this gas station thanks to CT who blogged about this useful website. after getting gas i drove to a lumber yard to see if i could find some wood for a communion table that i'm making for my church. turns out the size of the board that i need is a specialty wood and i will have to find a specialty wood shop that sells it. so i don't think i'll be able to build the table this weekend as i had hoped.

after arriving at my apartment and picking up my package i took it back to my apartment. while walking up to my apartment i saw a girl, who moved in about a month ago, washing the brake dust off of her car's wheels. as i walked into my apartment i decided that i should go and introduce myself to her. i had a couple of motives for this. one being that i have only met two other people in my complex over the last 18 months. neither of which i have seen again. two, she is new and people should get to know their new neighbors. three, for my business i need to meet new people that i can help with their finances or at least people that can introduce me to other new people. last but not least, she was cute and i'm single. said cute girl is named darlene. after talking to her from about 10 minutes i came to the conclusion that she is cool and i think we would get along quite well, but she isn't dating material. at least not for me. the reason she moved to my complex is that her and her now ex-boyfriend broke up. leading me to believe that our moral values are a bit different. still, she would make a great friend so i exchanged numbers with her and look forward to hanging out.

following my meet and greet with darlene i went back into my apartment to fix the vacuum cleaner that i salvaged a couple weeks ago. i have good news ladies and gentlemen. the vacuum cleaner has been healed and works great! i vacuumed my whole apartment with it and i am starting to wonder if i want to keep it and sell my new vacuum cleaner that i bought a 6 months ago instead.

this morning i woke up 30 minutes early to pack for my three day vacation to my home town. it' s been four months since i last visited my family. my longest stint ever. i debated on driving to the bus stop or all the way to work. finally at the last minute i decided to ride the bus. i'm glad i did because after getting off the bus and crossing the street i found a bottle cap on the ground that says "you win 1-liter coke product", and that is totally sweet.


At 11/11/2005 9:09 AM, Blogger kerri said...

how delightful. seriously, you seem to have very pleasant and productive days. it's like you're in the 50's. and thats not at all a bad thing. like i picture you going about all this stuff whistling and with a smile on your face. :)


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