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Monday, October 31, 2005

Bitter Sweet Weekend

most of my weekend was great. i had loads of fun with my rvp and other associates from work. friday night after our meeting we had some tex-mex at papasitos. i think those were the best nachos i have ever had! saturday morning before day two of our conference we got to make texas shaped belgium waffles compliments of the laquinta inn. the speakers at the conference were awesome. i left there so motivated. it's always nice to get a recharge now and again. on the way home from houston everyone in the car i was in tried to tell jokes to each other. since none of us could seem to remember very many i looked up some on the net via my cell phone. i told a few redneck jokes and found the chili contest joke. if you have never read the chili contest joke you are missing out, i can't read it without my eyes watering from laughing so hard.

sunday i went on another 20 mile bike ride. this time i mapped out my route ahead of time. so this time i didn't loose my sense of direction. i must say that i'm really enjoying riding my bike, and i hope our nice weather last a while longer so that i can go on a few more rides before the end of the year. also at church on sunday night i saw an old friend who use to go to my church. karl kuester. it was so great to see him again. karl moved away from dallas almost five years ago to take a promotion in north carolina. after that he took another position in richmond, va. the reason karl was in town was for some training related to his job. it was wonderful to go out and catch up on each other's lives over coffee after church.

the bitter part of my weekend caught me by surprise. before our church service i saw four couples that i hadn't seen in a while, and was quite excited to see them. then at the beginning of our service i found out why they were there. a good friend of many at our church, kyle lake, died sunday morning while performing a baptism and they were there to mourn. it was tragic news. though i had only met him a few times i knew he had a wife and three kids that i knew were devastated by the turn of events. kyle was a great friend, husband, leader, and role model who will be missed by hundreds of people. especially those who loved him and knew him well.


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