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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Boy Scout Myth Busted

for a couple of years now i've had some friends that have referred to me as a boy scout. i've always taken this title as a joke. i might know a lot of boy scout like stuff and have a lot of integrity and honor, but i'm no boy scout. at least not in the official sense. i've never been a part of any scouting program, cub scout, boy scout, or eagle scout. sunday night at church my status as a boy scout seemed to have been more factual than mythological. during a conversation with a couple of friends sunday night i admitted that i was never a boy scout and a couple of my friends flipped! i've never confirmed the accusations about being a boy scout and i guess i've left it a mystery long enough for it to almost become a fact, but as of sunday i have busted that myth.

regardless of the official titles that i've held i'm still jlay, and being jlay in 2006 is like being bo jackson in the 80's. i know stuff. more stuff than the average guy. i might not be an official boy scout, but jlay knows boy scout stuff, and that's a fact.


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