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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Love vs. Sin

which is stronger, love or sin? that is my question. is love stronger than sin because people forgive sins out of love or sin stronger than love because people commit sins against those they love? when i think about this i want to say that love is stronger than sin, but i'm just not sure. people sin against those they love the most, all of the time. he loves her, but he cheated on her. she loves him, but she lied to him. he hits her because he is mad at her for lying. this stuff happens all the time! maybe love is stronger than sin. being selfish is basically loving yourself more than others, and sin equals selfishness. so you sin because you love yourself more than anyone else. does sin come from a form of love, and if so does that make love stronger than sin? i think it does because sin cannot bore love, but love can bore sin. thus love is more powerful. it is as if love is the most powerful thing in the world. one has the ability to save the world with it or destroy the world with it. the difference is where you aim it. if you aim love at yourself you cause chaos and destruction, but when directed towards others you cause peace and tranquility.

wait, what about hate. what if you hate yourself, God, the world, and everyone in it? did love bore this? i don't think so, but maybe it did? hate is the absence of love, but where did the love go? i don't think we are born with hate. we are born with the desire to love. how about this? you love yourself more than anyone or anything else for so long it causes a life full of enormous amounts of chaos and destruction. so much that you hate yourself for it. you become so angry with yourself that you forsake the love within and replace it with hate. hate for yourself and everything around you. making hate a product of using love the wrong way. wow love is powerful! my advise is to use it wisely.


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