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Friday, April 28, 2006

365 Days & 217 Post Later

ladies and gentlemen it has been a year. today marks the one year anniversary of my blog. i must say that i'm glad that i started it. i can't express how cool it is to be able to look back at what i've written. it serves as a reminder of where i've been, what i've been through, and what i've learned along the way.

so what has in the last twelve months?

last april
my electricity was shut off due to an error made by my apartment complex and electric company.

went to austin for my friend dj's birthday, went to coyote ugly, and played nine holes of golf with one club.

i kicked my roommate of 5 1/2 years out.

i took a
road trip to atlanta for the biggest convention i've ever seen or heard of.

i had a very interesting
conversation about the end of the world with a target employee.

i was
ranked #1 out of over 400 associates at work. thus no one could complain about me playing with legos while on the job.

i found out
why men have nipples.

i was
laid off and took a temporary job to delay the inevitable.

i proved that
i can control myself in the blog world. that is if i want too.

someone stole my door mat.

i visited my mom in oregon. where i
saw crater lake for the first time, celebrated 9131 days on earth, and crashed my step dad's new bike.

i wrote about my views of
premarital sex.

rode the bus to work for the first time.

i wrote the
tao of gump.

i started a
photo blog.

i sang
karaoke on thanksgiving day.

i found out that i had an
infection in my colon.

pipe burst in my apartment.

gave away my first trophy as a christmas present.

brother returned home from iraq.

quit online dating after three years.

my career with the bank came to an end.

i tried a new job and decided that it
wasn't for me.

hit a guard rail after falling asleep at the wheel.

i was
dumped by a woman.

i got a
pimp name.

i wrote my first song.

i accepted a
new job as a graphic artist.

i admitted that i have a
celebrity crush.

played oregon trail for the first time in 15 years.


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