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Friday, March 07, 2008

An Awesome Target Experience

Tonight I went to Target to do two things. Thing one was to pick up a photo that I sent in via Flickr to have developed. Thing two was to buy enough food to last my brother and I two weeks. Of course I took care of thing one first. After picking up my photo, which was for the cover of the awesome photo album Claudia (girl friend) made for me, I grabbed a shopping cart put my photo in the child seat. I walked around the store throwing everything that was on my mental list and more into the cart. $215, I know....crazy, and over an hour later I exit the store with my cart full of food and my photo. After unloading the cart into the trunk of my car I walked the cart to the cart return, got into my car, and then drove home. Just after taking all my groceries into my apartment I started to unload the bags. AsI unloaded bags I realized that I never took my photo out of the cart! I proceeded to unload all refrigerator and freezer items as quickly as possible and bolted out of my apartment and back to the store.

Once I made it to the store I check the cart return area for what was once my cart, but it had already been picked up by the cart boy. I walked up to the store and tried to look at all the carts that I could in the "cart cage", but I didn't have any luck. My photo was no where to be found. This sucked. The print only cost me $1.72 and I've left more expensive things in a cart before. For example, I once left a $14 bottle of laundry detergent in the bottom of my cart. The $1.72 wasn't the issue. The issue was that I was excited to make my print the cover of my photo album and because of a moment of forgetfulness I was being denied that joy.

I walked into the store and to the photo department. I told the lady behind the counter, Annette, what had happened and asked her if she could print my photo for me again. She told me she would be happy to do so, but they don't save the online prints in their system. So I would have to drive home and go online to submit my print again, and I did. Two beers, a small pizza, and an hour later I went back to the store to pick up my print. I walked up to the counter, pulled out my wallet and waited for Annette to make her way back to the counter to assist me. She pulled out my print without asking me my last name and placed it on the counter. She smiled and made no move towards the register. It was in that moment that I knew there would be no charge for the reprint. I told her thank you, have a nice night, and walked away from the counter a lot happier than when I pulled up to the store for the third time in only a few short hours.

I want to take a moment to once again say thank you Annette; have a nice night.


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