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Friday, July 08, 2005

Stuff Hangin' Out

today while driving to work i saw a lady who's dress was shut in her car door with part of it hangin' out. this is a semi common occurrence for me. i can think of at least 10 other times i've seen this in the last 3 years. do these women not notice? i would think i would notice if my close got stuck in the car door. does anyone else notice stuff like this.

another even more common occurrence is the gas cap door open with the gas cap hangin' out. i'll admit that i did this once, but i did catch it while looking in my side mirror before exiting the parking lot. do people not use their side mirrors, or do they just not care?

something else that i notice hangin' out these days are the bellies of over weight women. i know they want to be as fashionable as the women in the magazine ad, but lets face it. you don't look like the woman in the magazine. just like i don't look like the man in the magazine and i don't walk around pullin' up my shirt to show off my not so wash board abs. when you look in the mirror and see your belly rolling out of your shirt and over your pants. do you really think that is sexy? really? do you?


At 7/08/2005 2:30 PM, Blogger kerri said...

my cute new white prarie skirt has gotten caught in the door at least 5 times lately. i've also left the gas cap off a few times.

and yes, i am with you on the belly shirts. and butt skirts. but i don't think skinny women should wear them either. i'm all about the equal rights and not discriminating.

btw, have you admitted to yourself yet that you are out of control?

At 7/08/2005 2:33 PM, Blogger j-lay said...

no i haven't admitted that i'm out of control. i guess i'm still in denile?

At 7/08/2005 9:23 PM, Blogger Lori said...

Jlay my friend you are a brave man. And I do believe you will get the attention you seek if you continue on. Although I must admit...wear it and be proud...if you got it.

At 7/11/2005 3:04 PM, Blogger MOL Junior said...

i have noticed women with guts displaying them proudly as well. confusing.


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