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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Road trip

about 4 am thursday morning i'm leaving for atlanta, ga. i will be driving with a couple of other guys. hence the title of this post. the reason for my travels is education. i've been working for a company part-time. essentially it is my job to help people become debt free and retire financially independent. second, since we are in a rapid expansion phase, it is also my job to find people who are tired of the corporate world and want a way to have more control of the variables of their life. what i mean by this is there are no other companies out there with more people that make over 50k, 100k, and a million dollars a year. since we only have 2% of the current market. it is our goal is to expand from 55 offices in the north texas area to 3500. to do this they need RVPs. and get this! anyone can be an RVP, because everyone that starts with the company starts out at the same spot. as a part-time associate. all you have to do to become an RVP is find others, about 20+ people, that want to do the same thing. you see, everyone that you recruit; you make money from when they help families set up IRAs, consolidate debt, realign there income protection, ect. the purpose for my trip is to attend the conference to learn how to do this as fast as i can.

i know what some of you might be thinking "this is a pyramid scheme." no it's not. for one, pyramid schemes are illegal, and the financial services industry is one of the most highly regulated industries out there. it is similar to how ebby holliday works. except that if i promote an RVP i continue to make money from them. where as in ebby's system. once someone opens there own office. there recruiter looses the rider that they had over the person. also i can make money whether i recruit someone or not. you just make a lot more by moving up in the ranks than as a part-time associate. why be a part-time associate making between $500 and $3000 dollars a month. when you can become an RVP and make between $10,000 and $200, 000 a month. not to mention having a career that you can't be fired from, unless you do something illegal, and can still make money even if you ended up in the hospital for a month. i kid you not. you know how a high school year book is laid out. my company publishes a book laid out like that every year of people that are making $100,000 or more a year, and it is not thin. it is an awesome opportunity to help educate the public about money, and get paid well to do it. i welcome anyone who is interested to talk to me about it.


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