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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Clearance Rack

anywhere i go if i see a clearance rack, shelf, or bin i must look through it, but i don't feel compelled to buy something just because it is in a clearance section. my favorite clearance section is at half price books. i know what you're thinking. jlay loves shopping for books? the answer is no! i shop the clearance rack in the cd section. i target cds that cost $1 or less, but will sometimes splurge for a $3 cd. now here is where it gets interesting.

i typically choose artist that have never made it to mainstream radio, or at least i've never heard of them. i choose the cds based upon a combination of the name of the band, the name of the songs, the cd artwork, and the year the album came out. i've bought some 20 cds using this method over the last year, and i'm happy to report that i've only bought 2 or 3 that i didn't like. here is a list of some of my favorite albums that i've bought and would highly recommend.

Eight Stops Seven
Highway 9
The Mayfield Four
The Giraffes
Day of Fire
Seventh Day Slumber


At 9/14/2005 7:54 PM, Anonymous Audrey said...

Go to Dillards and Foleys right now. They are having one helluva sale!

At 9/14/2005 11:46 PM, Anonymous YayCoffee said...

Dude, that totally rules.


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