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Monday, October 10, 2005

The Truth About Antibacterial Soap

for the past few years the soap industry has been scaring consumers into buying antibacterial soaps. like a lot of advertisements they weren't telling the whole truth. they were just trying to make the sale. do antibacterial soaps work? of course they do. do they work better than non-antibacterial soaps? the answer is no. doctors are now saying that exposing germs to antibacterial soap so frequently can cause them to build an immunity and grow stronger. on top of that many medical groups support the idea that children who are not exposed to some bacteria in early childhood will not build up their immune system to the level it should be at and may be more prone to allergies and asthma. even the american medical association (ama) doesn't support the use of these products.

so why do we continue to use these products? because we the consumer are very impressionable, and we assume that people don't lie. we think that if they can say it on tv it must be true. in reality that way of thinking is so wrong. it's good to be skeptical about a tv ad. they are not showing us the ad because they feel they will help us and change our lives for the better. they show us the ad so that they can make money. the product may very well be the wave of the future and the saver of lives. but, we the people must decide what is good or bad and not rely on the company selling the product to tell us all of the good and non of the bad about a product.

my source was an
article written by Dr. Joseph Mercola


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