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Monday, November 14, 2005

My Home Town

thursday after work i left the the expansive dfw area to go back to my hometown to visit with my family and long time friends. i will admit that i do enjoy living in the drw area. i love my church and the friends that i've made. i enjoy the never ending entertainment options and the business opportunities are considerably better than what i might find near my hometown. but, i would have no trouble moving back home to burkburnett, population 11k, just outside of wichita falls, population 105k. i'm very comfortable in my hometown. i'm loved and liked by many people. people who are always glad to see me. people who aren't in such a hurry to get through life. i guess i'm that way too. i can't remember the last time i was accused of rushing to get somewhere or get something done. my blonde, but not bimbo, friend probably hit the nail on the head when she said this....

"how delightful. seriously, you seem to have very pleasant and productive days. it's like you're in the 1950's, and that’s not at all a bad thing. like i picture you going about all this stuff whistling and with a smile on your face." link

my dad and my grand parents live out in the country. after living in dfw for six years, i have really grown to appreciate the calm that surrounds their homes. where the noise of traffic is replaced by the sounds of birds, cows, and horses. instead of the night lights of the city there are stars of plenty, and the city skyline is replaced by a never ending horizon. i'm not sure i can express in words how joyful it makes me feel.

friday afternoon i went up to my old high school to say to my aunt and take a stroll through the new additions that where added the year after i graduated. i was surprised at how comfortable i felt there. maybe it's because i wouldn't mind teaching high school students someday, or maybe it is because i don't have any ill feelings or bad memories of my high school days. more than likely a combination of both. later in the evening i went and visited with my friend traci who i hadn't seen in 6 1/2 years. it was great visiting with her and playing with her 3 year old daughter. traci is just as fun as i remember and i'm really glad she is back in my life.

saturday morning i drove to wichita falls to shop for wood to make a communion table out of. after quite a bit of browsing i found just the right wood. i'm going to make the table out of solid oak. though the wood was quite expensive, in the end it will have cost three times less than buying it from a furniture store. after buying the wood for the table i met up with my friend adam to check out new guitars with him. following our drooling session i ate dinner with all of my family that lives in and around burkburnett. we had some home cooked brisket, and man was it good. you can't beat grandma's cookin'. following my home cooked meal i met up with my friends lindsey, amber, and traci for lindsey's birthday. i caught up with them while they were shopping and we goofed off until the movie that we were going to watch started. we watched "elizabeth town", and it was okay. a bit slow in some parts. slow enough to cause me to fall asleep once or twice and long enough for the girls to notice and laugh at me.

sunday i went to church and said hi to everyone. besides the new people and the kids that keep getting bigger, it almost feels like i never left. as if a part of me is always there. that afternoon i got to go trail riding, with adam, for the first time in my life. i think i've found a new hobby. all i have to say is that it was awesome and i can't wait to do it again soon. adam says that i was lucky not to wreck my bike at least once. i did have one close call though, i could have sworn i was a goner. wrecking your bike is part of trail riding, but i hope to avoid it as much as i can. i had borrowed my dad's ford ranger to take mine and adam's bike out to the trail. after dropping adam off at home i was on my way back to my dad's to get my car back and i got a flat. due to my dad using his spare to replace a tire with a slow leak earlier that week, i was stuck. so i called my dad and he brought out the tire that had the slow leak and put it on the truck so we could get it home. that night, as always, i hesitantly left town. every time i leave i wish i had more time to stay. maybe someday i will.


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