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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Part 2 - The Wall

(part 2 - tuesday night)

well folks, i did it. i drove 96 miles round trip and delivered my "hand made" playlist to taryn's mail box earlier today. after doing this all i could do is wait until later in the evening to talk to taryn via telephone to find out the truth. speaking from experience i knew that she didn't want to call me and tell me she was breaking up with me. so at 9pm i helped her with the first part and gave her a call. i can't say that i wanted to call her, but i'm all about truth. whether it is good or bad i want it. i was happy to find out that she listened to my custom made cd and she liked it, but i can't say that i was happy to get the you're not the one speech. it wasn't too hard to hear it since i had the day to prepare for it. i could tell that she felt bad for having to tell me this. i've been in her shoes before so i sympathized with her and i let her know that i would be okay.

i must say that i am still a bit confused. i'm confused because just a week and a half ago i received a card from her telling me that i brought to her a relationship that she had looked for since she was a teenager. she also loved that i was smart, imaginative, and truly listened to her, but in about the time it takes me to snap my fingers i here her telling me that by being with me she was reminded of what she liked about her ex. i'm feeling some bitter sweet feelings at the moment. i feel like i just walked into a brick wall with my eyes closed, but at the same time i had fun walking blind. well, that is until the wall came into play. i guess that's life, and sometimes life sucks.


At 3/01/2006 6:12 PM, Anonymous Lindsey said...

ok so obviously i didn't read this one. i'm sorry. i think u should've made another copy or 2 of the cd and brought them all to me & am & traci. Girls are fickle. that's the only explanation I can give u for Taryn's behavior. It sucks, but it'll all work together for good...somehow. k, gotta go to church! love ya! ~Lynz


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