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Sunday, May 07, 2006

New Computer / Digital Aquarium

yesterday i decided that it was time that i broke down and bought a new computer that could handle the adobe software that i use for some freelance work that i do. my four year old laptop is still good for playing music, watching dvds, and surfing the web, but it has been struggling with the latest adobe software and it cannot be upgraded anymore than it already is. i didn't go out and drop a couple grand on a new system. that would be stupid of me since i don't have a couple grand to throw around. i'm a big fan of ordering my computers online, but after looking online at the cheap stuff i decided that i could basically go buy a computer from the store for about the same price and have it now and not later.

i made a trip to fry's and read the specs on several computers. after spending about 30 mins thinking about what was the best bang for my buck i choose a refurbished compaq desktop. it runs on a 2.2 GHZ AMD processor and 1 GB of RAM; it is all about the RAM people. it also came with a 250 GB hard drive, a DVD+RW, a a regular CD-ROM, and a 9 in 1 card reader. i also decided to pick up a 17 inch flat panel monitor. my total bill after tax, $870.

while sorting through and removing all the junk software on the computer i noticed that i had an aquarium screen saver. i loaded the screen saver and after loading it i stared in amazement. this screen saver is awesome! i can't believe how life-like it is. i feel like i have an aquarium without the maintenance. the screen saver is made by
prolific publishing. feel free to check it out.


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