"Should've Been A Cowboy"

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


okay, so i have set a record. since i started blogging i have never gone this long without blogging. i've had stuff to write about and i've thought to myself..."i should blog about this", but i just haven't had time or made it a priority.

anyway, tonight while playing softball i hit a true homerun. one that actually went over the fence. i've hit many homeruns in my softball career, but never one over the fence. part of that could be because the dallas league i played in didn't really have fences. the league in farmers branch that i play in now has nice fields with fences and i now know that i have the ability to hit a dinger. i must say it felt really good. heck, it is the first time i hit a homerun in a game since i was this big....

this is me when i was 11 years old


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