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Friday, April 11, 2008

Takin' Her Home

This past weekend I took Claudia with me to my hometown to meet my family. This isn't something I make a habit of. I took Claudia to my home town because I wanted her to know more about me. What better way for someone to know more about you than to meet the people that helped make you who you are. Claudia got to meet my dad, my dad's parents, my aunt & uncle, my cousin and her husband, and one of my two best friends. She really wanted to get some dirt on me. She wanted to hear embarrassing childhood stories about me. she seemed a bit disappointed when no one could give here any good stories because the fact is I was a well behaved kid. Instead she heard stories of my dad and my brother.

Our weekend was fairly low key. Friday evening we chilled with my cousin, her husband, and my best friend. We thought about going out that night, but after sitting on a comfy coach we became tired and changed our minds. Saturday morning my awesome cousin cooked us waffles for breakfast, we stayed at her house. She even served chocolate covered strawberries with the waffles, it was awesome. After breakfast Claudia and I went for a short jog. Well, she jogged and I fell. While we were jogging side by side I stubbed my toe on an elevated section of the sidewalk and hit the ground like a two year old. I popped up and kept right on jogging out of embarrassment. I had to fall in front of a busy road.

For lunch we ate steaks at Texas Roadhouse followed by a little bit of shopping at the local mall. Later that evening we ate dinner at my aunt and uncle's house, more red meat (hamburgers), and a couple of hours of letting the food digest. Once our food digested, around 8:30, we left and ended up going to my favorite bar in Wichita Falls to play darts and pool, much like the night before we ended up going to bed before midnight. Really this was for the best since we were going to church with my cousin and her husband the next morning. After church the next morning the five of us, the fifth being my cousin's baby, went out to lunch at a local Tex-Mex restaurant. After we were done eating Claudia used her special abilities to communicate to the waitress that she wanted to pay for lunch.

Following lunch we packed our things and left my cousin's house and went visit with my dad for a while. After a couple hours of great conversation on the gazebo we left and made one last stop at my best friend's house before heading back to Cow Town. I must say that our visit was a great success. My family welcomed here with open arms and Claudia reciprocated the affection. I can only hope her family does the same for me.


At 4/13/2008 6:03 PM, Anonymous Audrey said...

I was so happy to have you both staying w/ us last weekend and I really enjoyed getting to know Claudia! Hope ya'll come back real soon :) She's a keeper Cuz!!

At 4/14/2008 12:07 PM, Blogger Claudia said...

I know my family will love you. How could they not? I can't wait to take you home with me.


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