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Thursday, June 02, 2005


ladies and gents. i'm moving, but no very far. on june 11th and 12th i will be moving from apt 313 to 218 in my apt complex. approximately 50 yards. my roommate has been dating a girl for a while and they had talked about living together after our lease expired on october 31st. his girl friend lost her job about 3 months ago and he has basically been staying there every night since then. he told me last week that she has been able to pay bills with unemployment, but he has been helping her with food and stuff. also that he could not pay me for all of our bills and rent until the 15th. i don't want to have to fight over money and i don't want anyone to loose there house or not be able to afford food. so, i went to my apt management and asked them if i could switch apts without any fees and they said yes. if anyone wants to help me move some boxes and furniture to across the parking lot. it would be greatly appreciated. of course i would by beer for those who can help.


At 6/02/2005 4:58 PM, Blogger suburbanjesus said...

i would do anything for beer.

At 6/02/2005 5:17 PM, Blogger j-lay said...

sweet! what do you drink?

At 6/03/2005 10:43 AM, Blogger suburbanjesus said...

anything not domestic


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