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Monday, July 18, 2005

End of the World

sunday afternoon i wandered into super target after hitting balls at the batting cages. my primary reason for going inside was to cool off. while wondering around i checked out the clearance rack that i find cool stuff on from time to time as well as the beautiful women in the store. is it me, or does target attract hot women? anyway, i proceed to make my way down the isle that passes by every checkout stand. i was walking from the grocery side towards the electronic side to check out the music section and was approached by a girl working the last check out stand. here is how it goes.

girl (g): are you ready to checkout?
j-lay (j): not quite yet. ( had cd in hand that i previously picked up)
g: would you like to apply for a target card?
j: it's my job to get people out of debt, so no thanks.
g: what do you do?
j: i'm a financial advisor
g: so you show people how to invest?
j: yes, so that people don't have to be greeters at walmart when they are 70 +, and spend time with their grand babies.
g: i think the lady at walmart likes her job.
j: so you're saying that she would choose to work at walmart rather then spending time with family?
g: maybe she doesn't have a family
j: i'm sure she would find better things to do than work at walmart if she didn't need money.
j: if you start investing money when you're young, you only need to save a small amount each month to retire a millionaire.
g: how young?
j: 20's
g: i'm 20 so how much?
j: if you save $200 a month in an ira that is invested in a mutual fund, you should have $1.5 - $2.0 mil.
g: i think that is a waste of time because the world is going to end soon and all of these people saving for homes and cars will have wasted their time.
soon the God will come down and take up all the kids and christians, and the earth will become hell. then for all of the people left on earth will have to wear the mark of the beast to buy their homes, cars, cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol. so saving money is pointless.
j: so when is the world going to end?
g: i don't know. i just know it's soon.
j: so i should just blow all my money and assume that "soon" is within the next few years and not a hundred years from now.
g: yes
j: it's been nice talking to you and i'm going to go blow some more money now.
g: btw, my name is amber
j: nice to meet you amber (think in my head that this girl is crazy, and i must get away soon)

do i think the world will end?.....yes. when?....i don't know. will i choose to live like there is no tomorrow?....no. will i fill sorry for crazy girl if God hasn't come by the time she is 70 and working at walmart?....yes. will i feel guilty?....no.


At 7/26/2005 6:21 PM, Anonymous YayCoffee said...

Really?!?!? No, Seriously?!?! I am more than a little frightened that someone under the age of 70 has adopted this attitude. Eeep!


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