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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Battle For Texas Tunes

friday night i met up with j-nise, his wife, and a few other folks at the fox & hound english pub. the special occasion was the birthday of j-nise's wife, who i must say is a great softball player. it was a great time with great conversation and $2 coors and coors light pints. i had never drank coors before, but for $2 a pint i figured i would try it out. not bad, but not any different than the other domestic i've had. along with the special pricing there were two special guest, the coors light girls.

they were walking around to find local patrons that would play against each other in a friendly game of "guess that artist". the prize was a coors light cd with 10 texas artist on it. i played j-nise in said game and i knew i probably wouldn't stand a chance, but i'm always game for friendly competition. the first to guess 2 out of 3 songs would be the winner. i let j-nise pick the genre, and he choose rock. song 1 played for 2 seconds. and j-nise yells out "bon jovi"! i'm now down 0-1. song 2 plays for 3 seconds before j-nise yells out "aerosmith" puting me down 0-2. just for fun we do a third song. 1 second into the song he yells out "queen" to make me feel ever so inferior. so they hand j-nise his cd and tell him that all the artist are country artist from texas, and j-nise didn't seem so enthused.

i'm sure j-nise would have given me his cd seeing as i think he left it on the table at the end of the night, but i proceeded to act like i new more about the artist on the cd than i really did. i asked the girls if the artist were from austin, and their reply was "we only know cooder graw. do you know any of the other singers?" i proceed to look at the list of names. i too recognized cooder graw and decided that i also knew aaron watson and jackson taylor. maybe this impressed the girls or maybe they just felt sorry for me since j-nise guest all 3 songs before the girl pushed play. either way they decided that i deserve a cd too.

i listened to the cd on the way home and twice in the car on saturday during my running around. i must say that i'm not disappointed. i think it is a good cd. so if any of ya'll out there are interested in good texas country music. just let me know and i'm sure i can set you up with an illegal copy of it.

here is a list of tracks on the album.

01 cooder graw - wicked witch of the west
02 burtshi brothers - pontotoc county line
03 billy joe shaver - good ol' usa
04 kyle hunt - my way
05 mike mclure - don't you say anything
06 micky and the motorcars - which way from here
07 magee payne - never gonna breathe
08 aaron watson - i don't want you to go (but i need you to leave)
09 jackson taylor - long legs and longnecks
10 landon teague - why do all the good ones slip away


At 8/21/2005 11:59 PM, Anonymous jnise said...

wow a post on the sabboth.
Good times, heres to naming that tune.

At 8/22/2005 12:18 AM, Blogger MOL Junior said...

hilarious...who knew j-nice was rainman-esque when it came to classic rock bands. wish i could've been there. here's my mekong raised to a-nice, who just left our living room after watching SFU a few hours ago. happy birthday!


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