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Thursday, September 15, 2005

My Opportunity For Retribution

i opened a letter this morning that contained information about a class action settlement.

title: notice of proposed class action settlement and release of claims

first sentence: this notice is being sent to you because you may be eligible to receive monetary and other benefits as part of a proposed class action settlement.

basically what it says is that from january 28, 1989 trough july 18, 2005 under paid a lot of motor vehicle total loss claims. if i want to be a part of the claim i have to send in the attached form by march 6, 2006. the form is asking about when my claim was filed, what i was paid, the condition my vehicle was in, any major repairs or part replacements in the previous 12 months, as well as any non-factory installed special equipment.

i'm quite happy i've received this letter because i feel that my claim was under paid. the reason i feel my claim was under paid is that i bought a set a brand new tires 2 weeks before my truck was stolen and replace my brake system 1 week before it was stolen. total bill $1,500. also i had a really nice chrome tool box in the bed of my truck that i paid $300 for and a $250 cd player. did my insurance company increase the value of my truck because of this? hell no! so i see this as my opportunity for retribution.

viva la those who have the time and money to take on the mega insurance companies.


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