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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Yankees Get An Extended Vacation

last night the angels gave the new york yankees an extended vacation, and today there will be mourning of millions of fans across the nation. a few of which i know. i'm not a yankee hater. they have a great team. who wouldn't with a $200 million dollar payroll. i even have a yankee hat that i play sports in so i don't get my rangers cap dirty. but, i don't feel bad for them or their fans. not even a little bit. it is hard to feel bad for a team that has won 27 world series when the team i'm a fan of, the texas rangers, hasn't ever won a world series in their 34 year history. at least not as the texas rangers. the texas rangers were at one point know as the washington senators, and as the senators won the 1924 world series. even if i count that it doesn't hold up to the yankees record. if i'm to feel bad for anyone it would be the rangers. so to all the yankee fans out there. better luck next year.


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