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Friday, January 27, 2006

Last Day

today is the end of my 6.25 year career with the bank. for the last week i have hardly worked. this is the break down.

day / at work / hours worked

fri 20th / 8 hours / 0.0 hours
mon 23rd / 7 hours / 2.0 hours
tue 24th / 8 hours / 0.5 hours
wed 25th / 8 hours / 1.5 hours
thu 26th / 8 hours / 0.0 hours
fri 27th / 6 hours / 0.0 hours

that comes out to about a 11% efficientcy rating. it's a good thing they didn't expect much out of me, because i wasn't motivated to do much anyway. actually they are sending me and the others off in quite a nice fassion. wednesday our manager brought us tequitos that she made at home, they were so good, and today they are taking us out to lunch at On The Border and throwing a punch n' cookie party afterward. i could complain about being laid off from the bank, but that isn't my style and it is hard to complain about something that is creating so many good things in my life. i actually could have stayed with the bank if i wanted too. i was more than welcome to apply for another position within the organization. they even assigned us a personal recruiter, but it was time. time for me to leave. by leaving i am now allowed to obtain my securities license and sale securities products as a part-time financial planner. by leaving the bank i get an $8925.00 severance package. by leaving the bank i have been forced to search for a new job, and i might have found the perfect opportunity with a company called bajito onda.

at this moment all i can say is, thank you God. thank you for loving me and providing for me. even during time when i don't think i deserve it. thank you for not giving up on me even when i turn you down. thank you for blessing me even when i take myself too seriously and you not seriously enough.


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At 1/29/2006 9:52 AM, Anonymous faith said...

It's frustrating when one is at work, and there is nothing to doat work...I'm glad you are feeling good about going. May you find something that you truly love to do.


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