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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Ice Cream Date?

during the early part of november i introduced myself to a new neighbor named darlene. here is an excerpt from a post that noted the event.

after arriving at my apartment and picking up my package i took it back to my apartment. while walking up to my apartment i saw a girl, who moved in about a month ago, washing the brake dust off of her car's wheels. as i walked into my apartment i decided that i should go and introduce myself to her. i had a couple of motives for this. one being that i have only met two other people in my complex over the last 18 months. neither of which i have seen again. two, she is new and people should get to know their new neighbors. three, for my business i need to meet new people that i can help with their finances or at least people that can introduce me to other new people. last but not least, she was cute and i'm single. said cute girl is named darlene. after talking to her from about 10 minutes i came to the conclusion that she is cool and i think we would get along quite well, but she isn't dating material. at least not for me. the reason she moved to my complex is that her and her now ex-boyfriend broke up. leading me to believe that our moral values are a bit different. still, she would make a great friend so i exchanged numbers with her and look forward to hanging out.

up until last week i had invited darlene out for coffee or ice cream three times in two months. all three times i was given a reason why she could not go. last wednesday or thursday i called a left her a voice mail asking her out for ice cream one last time. friday, saturday, and sunday came and went without a response to my message. then monday evening while watching tv i got a text message from her saying that she would love to go out for ice cream with me on wednesday, and she would come over at 7:30. this was exciting news!

last night at 7:30, as promised, she knocked on my door. i turned off the tv and gathered my phone, wallet, and keys. when i opened the door i had know idea what to expect. would she be dressed in work cloths? would she be dressed is some comfortable "after work" cloths, or would she be dressed more for a casual date? when i opened the door i was welcomed by a woman dressed for a casual date, that smelled great, and had a wonderful smile. was this a date to her, or was she just making a good impression? i myself was wearing an old navy $5 t-shirt, levi jeans, and tennis shoes that i wore to work. she was wearing a trendy pair of pumps, jeans, a long sleeve white shirt with a green short sleeve polo shirt on top. i could be all wrong about her thinking this was a date, but it was obvious she took the time to do her hair and she sprayed something on herself that smelled real good before she came over. i know what you're thinking. just because a girl does her hair and smells good doesn't mean she thinks its a date, but darlene isn't a prissy girl. she is an athletic girl who i see as more of the t-shirt and ponytail type.

for our "date" i took her to
coldstone creamery in coppell. coldstone creamery is a high end ice cream shop that makes their own ice cream on location. it is very similar to marble slab, but to me they are so much better. on our way there i found out that she is a country music fan. country music is basically all she listens to. i can dig a girl that likes country music. though i like all genres of music. if i was told i could only listen to one genre for the rest of my life, it would be country. we made it to the ice cream shop around 7:45. this was the first time she had ever been to a coldstone creamery so i insisted that i buy her ice cream. every time i go i get something different. this time i bought white chocolate ice cream with walnuts, and darlene stuck to her favorite, mint chocolate chip.

we spent the next two hours having a good ol' time talking and laughing and ended up getting kicked out of the ice cream shop at 10:00 so they could close. i learned a lot about darlene and found that we have a lot i common. i don't know why i insist on assuming things. assumptions always get me in trouble in one way or another. from our previous conversation i assumed that her moral values where not inline with mine, but last night i found out that she might actually be a bit more conservative than i am. she was raised in a lutheran church. i don't know a whole lot about that lutheran church, she described it as a spin off of the catholic church. how many churches in america aren't? evidently, like baptist, there are different types of lutheran churches. to me christianity can be so funny at times. we have denominations of denominations of denominations. i can't help but laugh when i think about it.

after we left the ice cream shop we talked all the way home and in the parking lot for another 5 or 10 minutes. which was ended with a hug, me stepping on her left foot, and her telling me twice how much she enjoyed the evening and that she looks forward to hanging out again. whether it was a date or not it went well. i think i'm going to call it a date and i'm interested to see where things go from here.


At 1/26/2006 11:44 AM, Blogger linz said...

Very interesting, it's a good sign you guys had to be kicked out of coldstone. You stepped on her left foot?

At 1/26/2006 3:00 PM, Blogger suburbanjesus said...


"if i was told i could only listen to one genre for the rest of my life, it would be country."

At 1/26/2006 3:20 PM, Blogger YayCoffee said...

Way to go! It's refreshing to hear a good first date story every now and again. w00t!

At 1/26/2006 6:13 PM, Anonymous Audrey said...

That was a really sweet story JLay! Is coldstone kinda like marble slab? I'm guessing it is. That's a great place to go for a 1st date!


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