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Monday, January 23, 2006


twice, during 2005 i accepted a friend's invitation to attend fellowship church of grapevine. though i felt the church was a bit to big and production oriented for my taste. i really did enjoy ed young jr's talks. soon after my second visit, in november, i found out that ed young's talks are broadcasted via television on sunday mornings. my church, journey, doesn't have a sunday morning service. instead we meet on sunday evenings around 6pm. with me being at home on most sunday mornings i've been able to catch a few of ed young's talks on tv, which come on at 9:30 am on daystar. it also airs on three other stations at other times and days. i find ed young to be an excellent speaker and i find that his talks have a lot of relevance to my life. yesterday while listening to him he said something that has really stuck with me. he said,

"sometimes we take ourselves too seriously and God, not seriously enough."

how true is that? i know it is for me and i know i'm not alone with this. so i thought i would share it. so here it is again.

"sometimes we take ourselves too seriously and God, not seriously enough."


At 1/23/2006 12:12 PM, Anonymous faith said...

This may seem strange, but I think I take God too seriously. By that I mean I think my 'veiw' or understanding of God is still a bit anal or uptight. My fear of him is more afraid than respect. That being said, I also take myself too seriously...maybe when I calm down I will see a more gracious God. I hope so.

It is often said that our personal world veiw is what shapes our understanding of who God is. The mystics had this wonderful ability to be able to see God for who he is and not just through the lens of their world veiw...I aspire to that kind of veiw of God, with so far to go!


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