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Thursday, March 02, 2006

My Blood Pressure

back in late november when i went to the doctor the nurse made a comment about my blood pressure being 140/90. she nor the doctor made a big deal of it, but the nurse did show some concern. i know that having high blood pressure isn't a good thing. even more so when you're 25! when i went home that day i did some research to find out how i could lower it. one of the things that i read was that americans typically take in double or triple the fda's daily allowance for sodium. which is a big contributor to high blood pressure. so i started being more conscious about the sodium contents of the foods that i bought. i generally ate healthy anyways so my diet didn't really change, but the brands i bought did. i noticed that for the same product some brands had a lot more sodium than others. over the last three months simply buying products with less sodium in them has brought my blood pressure back down to a normall level. i checked it a couple of weeks ago and it was 116/70. how about them apples?


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