"Should've Been A Cowboy"

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Quiz Results Say...

17 people have now taken my quiz, and this is what i've learned.

most people know i love all types of music, but could not live without country music

half knew why i quit coaching softball

half thought i was more educated than i actually am

several people thought my dream was to live on a farm, which wouldn't bother me, but the lake is much better

most people didn't know that i'd been on dates with 15 different people from online personals

almost everyone thought my favorite number was 23. 19 people, 19 being the number that has been on my softball jersey for 6 years and wore in little league baseball

almost half guessed that scottie pippen was my favorite chicago bull

three people know that i'm cost conscious enough to set my thermostat at 80 degrees

almost everyone thought i wanted to create children like everyone else, but the truth is i have a heart for the homeless children in the world


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