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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Shows That Won't Die

this morning while looking on yahoo's home page at the yahoo pulse section i noticed that "days of our lives" was a show that people did a lot of searching for recently. i thought to my self, "do these soaps not die? they must have been around for 30 years." i can remember as a small child i would stay at my grand parents house when i was sick or if the daycare was closed on a day that my parents still had to work. i controlled the tv from 7am -11am, but from 11am - 2pm my grandma had the remote because her soaps where on. so i knew these shows had been around for at least 30 years, but that is where i was wrong. check out these dates...

the young and the restless - 1973 (33 years)
all my children - 1970 (36 years)
one life to live - 1968 (38 years)
days of our lives - 1965 (41 years)
another world - 1964 (42 years)
general hospital - 1963 (43 years)
as the world turns - 1956 (50 years)
guiding light - 1952 (54 years!) the television has barely been around that long!


At 6/28/2006 1:04 PM, Anonymous yaycoffee said...

I think some of these might even be left-over from the radio days. But, I could be wrong. It's amazing how the longest-lasting pieces of our media are cheesy soap operas. I guess people just can't get enough melodrama. ;-)

At 7/01/2006 9:53 AM, Anonymous Audrey said...

Granny STILL watches her soaps w/o fail! I think your bro has gotten into them too :)


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