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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Bird Killer

tonight while on my way home i was driving up preston rd on my way to 635. i was taking it easy and driving 40 mph. about a mile before i got to 635 i noticed a pigeon in the road. i didn't think much of it. i see pigeons in the road all the time. you drive towards them, they get scared and fly away. that's how it works right? well, that is how it has worked for me for the last 10 years that i've been driving. that is until tonight. evidently this pigeon didn't get the memo because it took flight a bit too late and i hit it with my car. first i saw it hit my grill, next i saw bird poop splatter on my windshield, and finally a bunch of feathers in the rearview mirror. it was a bid disturbing. i've never killed a bird with my car before. though i did run over one with my bicycle when i was seven. that too was disturbing. i was riding my bike with my family that day. so that i could ride next to my mom and dad i was riding my bike through the grass on the side of the road. all of a sudden i heard this awful noise. i locked up my breaks and rammed my private parts into the handle bars. after crying on the ground for a few minutes i looked back at what made the awful noise. it was a black bird. Now ever since i've been driving birds have always been able to get out of the way. especially when i was driving 40 mph. i've seen birds get out of the way when i was driving down the highway! i guess it was this birds time to go.


At 7/17/2006 5:52 PM, Anonymous faith said...

awwwe sad :(

Killing anything is a sobering experience


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