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Monday, July 31, 2006

Rekindling of Friendships

this past weekend i spent a a good amount of time rekindling a couple of friendships. friday i took my friend kathryn, who i hadn't seen in a year, to dinner and a ranger's game. i had fun spending time with her despite the ranger's getting their butts kicked, and by that i mean 11-3. on a side note they did get redemption last night when they won 15-2.

saturday i had lunch with a friend, tori, who i hadn't seen or talked to in 4 years! tori is a friend from high school who moved away either during or right before my senior year, which was her sophomore year. we had kept somewhat in touch for four years after she left, but somehow faded apart. i had a blast visiting her and her mom and talking about the good ol' days and what is new in our lives. tori is the third friend that i've found on myspace and gotten together with.

sunday i was suppose to spend time with another friend who i hadn't seen in 4 years, kirstin. i found her on myspace too. i don't know why so many people think myspace is so evil, but that is a post for another day, maybe tomorrow? kirstin and i were suppose to go fabric shopping together, but her daughter became sick and she had to cancel. i know you know thinking..."why was j-lay going fabric shopping?" well i found out that my friend kirstin makes quilts. as a child, when i would visit my grandparents, i would take naps underneithe the quilts that my grandma made. so i decided i wanted one made for me. i ended up going fabric shopping by myself yesterday. which didn't feel too awkward because my mom use to make clothes for my brother and i, and we would get to go to the store with her now and again to buy the material.


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