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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Good, But Very Unknown Music

as most know i am a fan of country music. a friend of mine, ronnie fauss (a/k/a mol junior), has a decent collection of alt country/folk music that he has written and recorded. you can't buy his music anywhere but from the man himself. at least i couldn't find a website that sells it. he might not even have any left for all i know. all i know is i bought a couple of cds from him a few years ago. from time to time i listen to his stuff, and i'm hear to say that i always love to hear it. you'll probably never hear the likes of any of his songs on the radio, even though i think they are worthy. i'm not sure he has ever tried to sell any of them and i'm not sure he could??? the thing is i don't think a one of them would make it past the clear channel review board. if you know ronnie, a/k/a mol junior, and you haven't heard any of his music. i recommend bugging him for a cd or better yet a live performance.


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