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Friday, November 10, 2006

Busy Life

over the past six weeks my life has become quite busy. in a post in september i mentioned that i was going to experience some explosive change in my life, and i've made a point to make that happen. which is why i've become quite busy over the past six weeks. around the first of september i made the decision to quit approaching my part-time financial services career lackadaisically, and i've stuck to that plan for almost 10 weeks now. it is my goal to be a full time financial consultant by january 1, 2008. i'm really tired of working a job that doesn't hold any guarantee for the future and whose pay is based upon the position and not the person. if i achieve my goal i plan on rewarding myself with a new car; specifically the new dodge challenger.

i've also made a point to increase my volunteer activities. since august i've added habitat for humanity, children's medical center of dallas, and one.org to my charitable activities. which before the additions there was only one activity, and that is the well community, which i'm still involved with.

besides these changes, more are coming. i'm happy with my life, but i'm not content with it. a wise man told me that we will all feel pain in life. you can't always choose whether or not you will feel the pain, but sometimes you can choose what kind of pain you feel. two of the pains in life are the pain of change and the pain of regret. both can bring equally matched pain, but only one will bring positive results. it hurts to step out of your comfort zone. it hurts to choose whether or not to keep someone in your immediate circle of friends. it hurts to work late and sacrifice time that could be spent with friends for the benefit of you and your family’s future. it hurts to remove luxuries that you are use to having in order to prepare for the future, but with the pain of change you can have either positive or negative results. the pain of regret only gives one result; a negative one.


At 11/15/2006 8:00 PM, Anonymous Audrey said...

I LOVE the challenger! When you get it, can I take it for a spin? I think you are doing the right thing going for your dreams - way to go cuz!

At 11/19/2006 4:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go with your dreams and I wish you all the good luck in the world.
All the things you are doing are amazing and you should be proud to risk everything for your goal... a lot of people aren't that brave, so hats off.
Hope you are doing all right.
All my best wishes

PS: by the way I changed my photoblog url to


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