"Should've Been A Cowboy"

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Motivation & Momentum

i must say that i've definitely become lax in my blogging. i wouldn't say i've become burnt out, but i have lost the motivation to write about my experiences on a regular basis. i wouldn't even say i'm all that motivated to write at this moment, but i feel that i should.

what is on my mind right now is that i had a good 2006, but i didn't accomplish what i wanted to accomplish in 2006. that thought gives me the feeling of a loss of momentum and at the same time a bit of motivation. i feel that one needs motivation to overcome the loss of momentum. the only question is whether i have enough motivation? i did have enough motivation to get my ass of my coach at 9pm last night to go to the gym. i tell you what, that box we call a television can really cause a guy to waste his life away. if i didn't have my brother living with me i think i would hide it in a closet.


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