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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Naturally Baked?

like a lot of days, i brought a sandwich for lunch. lately i've been eating chips out of the company stash as opposed to my usual triskets. today while opening a bag of baked doritos i noticed that the bag states that the chips are "naturally baked"; as opposed to un-naturally baked? to say that the chips are naturally baked implies that there is/are un-natural ways to bake chips. i asked a co-worker what un-natural way she could think of to bake chips and she replied, "blow-torched?" i have to give her creative credit on that answer because that is un-natural in my book. even more important, i want to know what method of baking chips is natural. the only one i can think of is sun baked, and i promise these "naturally baked" chips aren't sun baked. i asked wikipedia, an online encyclopedia, what naturally baked is and it had no answer. so, fritolay, how do you naturally bake a chip?


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