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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hidden Money

today i found what i'm going to call hidden money. it wasn't in my sofa, the pocket of a pair of pants, in my car, or under my mattress. it was in an envelope and in the form of a check. today while looking through a pile of bills that i hardly ever open, due to online bill pay, i discovered a check from allstate for $46 and some change. the check was dated 11/06/2007. it was a payment from a class action lawsuit that i was a part of much earlier that year. even though it wasn't cash, it was cool to of found it. i'm also glad the teller at the bank didn't pay enough attention to the date on the check. technically the check is a couple weeks past its 180 day life span, but from my experience of working for the bank i know that no one will care about a $46 dollar check that is a bit past its expiration.


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