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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My First 5K Caused Me To Pass On Free Booze Twice!

Saturday night Claudia and I ended up at the art festival in downtown Fort Worth. She had scored a pair of VIP tickets from work that would allow us to eat and drink (alcohol) for free. Unfortunately we got there to late to enjoy the food and ended up not drinking because we had a 5k race to run the next day.

Sunday I ran, jogged, and walked my first 5k run (3.1 miles). I only had one month to train for it and set a goal for myself to complete the race in the 25 minute range. I hadn't run for an extended period of time since last summer due to changing my workout routine and having a slight knee injury in October. After my first week of training I started to wonder if my goal was too ambitious. As I entered my fourth week of training I realized that my goal to finish in 25 minutes had been a bit ambitious, but felt I could finish in less than 30 minutes; and I did. I completed the race in 27:48. It felt really good to complete the 5k. It was the longest measured run I'd ever attempted. I'm pretty sure in high school I ran farther than 5k during numerous basketball practices, but it was never measured.

Both before and after the race free food and drinks, including beer and margaritas, were being served. I guess it was for the people who were walking the 5k because who in their right mind would drink alcohol before or right after a 5k? Some might think it is crazy to pass up free booze twice in one weekend, but given the circumstances I’m sure they would understand.


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