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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Proposal

On August 9th I made the decision to follow through on a bold statement that I made to Claudia on our third date eight months prior. That statement was, "I'm going to marry you." I know, that is a crazy statement to make on a third date. I didn't know it was possible to be so sure so early. For the longest time I felt that I should wait two years before ever proposing to a woman. But on August 9th I placed on order for an engagement ring and I received the ring on August 12th. For the next three days I pondered when and where I would pop "the question." I finally decided I would do it on the upcoming Sunday. I wanted to take Claudia hiking on an area trail and propose with the beauty of nature around us. I wanted it all to be a surprise and I didn't tell Claudia that I wanted to go hiking. When she told me that she had accepted an invite for both of us to go to a gathering at a friend's house to celebrate an Indian holiday I was a tad discouraged.

The celebration was in the early afternoon and we were there only a few hours. After leaving the two of us went home to clean the apartment. On the way home Claudia told me she wanted to have a romantic evening after cleaning the apartment, and that she would make chocolate covered strawberries that we could eat while drinking wine in the candle light. At that moment I decided that I could ride this wave and propose to Claudia during our romantic evening. She was planning her own proposal and didn't even know it!

When we got home I told here that I would clean the bedroom and the kitchen, but before I do that I needed go to the gas station to fill my car up with gasoline. That was a lie because I actually went to the grocery store to buy a single rose and some black ribbon that I would use to tie the ring to the rose; just as the Phantom did in Phantom of the Opera, Claudia's favorite musical. When I got back from the store I used a piece of wood from the trunk of my car, which was left over from a shelf that I made for the armoire the previous day, to hide the rose from Claudia as I snuck it into the bedroom. While Claudia was cleaning the living room I pulled the ring from its hiding place, HER jewelry box, tied it to the rose, and hid it under the bed. After cleaning the bedroom and making the bed I proceeded to light candles, turn off the lights, grab the strawberries, two glasses, and a bottle of wine from the kitchen. I set up everything on the dresser and placed the rose, with the ring tied to it, on a pillow in the center of the bed.

Once Claudia was done cleaning show followed me to the bedroom and jumped onto the bed. While jumping she twisted in midair so that she would land on her back. After landing on the bed she proceeds to roll over the rose! As I'm standing there looking at her with a giant grin on my face I could tell she was wondering why I too didn't jump on the bed to lay beside her. That's when I pointed out the rose on the bed. She quickly picked it up, and while lying on her back, looked at it and smelt it. Now I'm standing at the foot of the bed chuckling at how unobservant Claudia can be at times. Okay, most of the time. She wanted to know why I was laughing. All I could tell her was, "You're so cute!" "Why?" She asked. I told her to look at the rose and two seconds later she says, "SHUT-UP!" Then I got up on the bed, and while on my hands and knees, just a foot from her face, I asked her if she would marry me. With tears in her eyes she said yes.

We are set to be married on March 26, 2009 in Austin, TX. It will be a small wedding of close friends and family and will be held at Chapel Dulcinea.


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Congrats! I think it's great!


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