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Friday, August 26, 2005

Confessions of Adolecent Days Part 3

like my previous two post this one involves my good ol' ford tempo (photo in part 1). beyond driving fast and doing dounuts in parking lots. from time to time during wet or icy conditions i would pull up my emergency brake and put my car into a skid. most of the time it was just to scare my passengers.

one summer day during my lunch break i was driving to visit my friend adam. the roads where wet and it was still drizzling. i was driving down a semi-country road and like many times before proceeded to pull up the emergency break. my went into a skid and started to rotate. i went to release the emergency break and my hand slipped. with my breaks locked up my car proceeds to spin 180 degrees, and then backwards into the ditch. on one side of the ditch is the road i was on. on the other side of the ditch was a railroad track that was surrounded by rocks. when my car slid backwards into the ditch my back bumper slammed up against the rocks, but my car still had momentum and proceeded to spin another 180 degrees before coming to a stop. when i opened my eyes my car's front end was pressed up against the rocks and i had cds and sprite all over the inside of my car. that’s right, my dumb ass just wrecked my car. luckily for me no one saw my act of stupidity. at this point i proceed to go back and forth between 1st and reverse to rock my car out of the ditch. since the ground was so went i failed at getting my car out of the ditch, but i succeeded in making a large hole in the ground and over heating my engine.

now i am sitting in my car thinking...what am i going to tell people? i just wrecked my car because i was acting stupid. this is embarrassing! so i decided that a dog ran out in front of me and when i swerved to miss the dog i ended up in the ditch. at this point got out of my car and walk 1/4 of a mile in the drizzling rain to the corner gas station so that i could call my grandpa to tow me out of the ditch with his truck. about ten minutes later my grandpa shows up to drag my poor car out of the ditch. at the same time someone else’s grandpa pulls over to see if we need help. i don't know whose grandpa he was. i'm just assume he was one because he was an older man they appeared to be in his 60's. anyway, we decide to accept his help because he was driving a toyota tacoma 4x4. which can pull cars our of ditches better than my grandpa's two wheel drive chevy silverado. so being the dumb ass that drove my car into the ditch. i proceed to get down in the wet muddy grass and hook the chain to the front of my car. i get into my car and we proceed with dragging my car out of the ditch.

before this post only my friend adam new the truth to this story. when i finally showed up to his house i told him about the dog. instantly he calls bullshit. he said you're way to good of a driver to dodge a dog and end up in the ditch. he knows this because he was with me all the other times i dodge stupid drivers while driving in more dangerous situations. so i instantly ate my pride and told him the truth. now i have told you the truth and in the words of the great paul harvy, that's the rest of the story.


At 8/26/2005 11:37 AM, Blogger PrincessChristie said...

great stories! it's amazing that most of us are alive after the dumb stuff we've done in cars. my friend drove that car in red. brings back memories!

At 8/26/2005 11:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

does your souls feel 'cleansed' now that you got that out? *wink*

Great story Jlay...it happens, we all do crazy things!



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