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Monday, August 22, 2005

Viva la Mustache

for those of you who read my blog but not the other blogs linked on my page. yesterday was mustache appreciation day at church. all i have to say is that it was funny, but i do not intend to grow just a mustache anytime soon. i should be back to my normal goatee self by thursday. for even more pics visit the mac addict dale's site.


At 8/22/2005 10:56 PM, Blogger Teresa said...

Are you that 'tall drink of water' in the back left? the pic of you on Dales is pretty swave!

I love the mustache crew! Looks great!

At 8/22/2005 11:23 PM, Blogger j-lay said...

no, for the record i'm the not to tall and not to short blonde on the right.

At 8/23/2005 7:41 AM, Blogger Teresa said...

ok...now you have to tell me who everyone is...I hate not knowing! (and not being there in order to know!) The only one I recognise is Dale.

You have a great stache...and you rated yourself last on Dales site!

When I was young I had a 'thing' for guys with long hair and a mustache, HA HA! Basicly a guy in a classic rock band! YIKES

At 8/23/2005 1:54 PM, Blogger Babs said...

awesome. too bad i wasn't there so ya'll could get a picture of me in MY 'stache


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