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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Perfect Solution

okay people. i'm back to my out of control ways. at least that is my opinion. back on august 8th i posted a comment to this blog. this was my out of control comment....

i totally agree with you. i would feel weird having to wear a top to cover my chest, and i don't know why we are so conservative in america about some things, but totally liberal about others. you shouldn't have to where a bra. the whole purpose for the bra is to support your breast, and based upon your age and description of your own breast, do you need the support of a bra. probably not. now i'm sure with some garments a bra would come in handy because some material, when rubbed on your nipple long enough, will irritate it. i would know because i have worn some basketball jerseys that did just that.

this was jill's response...

thanks jlay for the comment, rather than thinking you are anything out of control i think you might be a bit switched on, i read the comments as well to my folks and brother as well from my last blog, after which my eldest brother erik says 'i had a nipple explode once' and tells his story of a marathon he ran in which the jersey fabric was in fact a bit abrasive and truly exploded his nipple, and then his shoes were a bit small as well and all his toe nails fell off as well, conjures up beautiful images huh?

thanks to my friend shannon, we now have a solution to said nipple problem. it is genius. now those women who don't won't to wear a bra do not have to worry about the garment causing any irritation.


At 10/21/2005 3:38 PM, Blogger shannon said...

hurrah for non-chaffed nipples!


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