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Friday, October 14, 2005

Close Call With The Law

i have a confession to make. after two months of driving just a couple mph over the speed limit i noticed that my fuel economy wasn't consistently 4-5 mpg better. due to the flow of dallas traffic it was more like 1 mpg better. so the past week or so i have been driving 10 mph over the posted speed limit on the highway. historically this has been acceptable by the police in the area. i past a dallas police officer just yesterday morning on my way to work while driving 70 mph in a 60 mph zone. did he care? obviously not.

as you drive outside of dallas into smaller suburbs the locals of cities such as richardson, plano, carrollton, farmers branch, and lewisville the police start to pay more attention to the speed at which you drive. over the past six year i've found that they are normally okay with the whole 70 in a 60 concept. last night i thought this was going to change. as i was driving north of 35E i passed a carrollton police car sitting in the median just as i changed from the left center lane to the far left lane. it was at this point that i saw his head lights come on. followed by the pretty red and blue ones.

so i'm thinking, crap! i wonder if i can get away with just a warning. i proceed to put on my blinker and move from the far left lane across to median on the right hand side of the highway. after coming to a complete stop. i look in my rearview to see if the police car is coming up behind me, but i didn't see anything. so i continue to check all three of my mirrors for signs of the police car. after several checks i finally noticed a faint flash of red and blue lights, but i also noticed that they were not coming closer to me. i started to wonder if he was being blocked by some traffic or something. finally after taking a longer look in my side mirror i noticed that he had pulled someone else over.

this was followed by a feeling of relief. i couldn't help but wonder if he got the wrong guy or if he had picked that car out ahead of time and i just happened to have past him just as he was turning on his lights. it took me less than a 1/2 mile to pull over so i doubt he pulled over the wrong car. since he obviously didn't care that i was driving 70 in a 60 i will continue to do so until i'm told otherwise. maybe i'm crazy? maybe this was my final break? if it was i'm sure i'll find out soon.


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