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Monday, October 17, 2005

Finally Moved In

midway through this past june i moved from one apartment in my complex to another. i've never enjoyed unpacking my stuff and putting it all in order. this time was no different. for starters i really didn't like the layout of my new apartment and it doesn't have enough room for all of my stuff. on top of that i knew i wouldn't be staying in my new apartment after my lease was up in june of 2006 and people rarely drive the 25 mile trek from dallas to visit or the 130 mile trek from burkburnett to visit me.

but, after giving a lot of my stuff to my
church, a couple of months ago, for our annual garage sale. i finally had a manageable amount of belongings for my small space. over the last couple of weekends i have spent a lot of time unpacking and organizing the rest of my belongings, and can say that i am much happier with my small "home". so after living in my apartment for four months. i'm finally completely unpacked and only slightly bothered by the fact that it would benefit me to move in 7 1/2 months. thus requiring me to pack it, unpack it, and organize it all over again. i can't wait to find a place to truly call home.

btw, if anyone in dallas would be interested in being my roommate starting this next june. let me know. i'm all for saving money, and if it is any incentive i keep my living quarters rather clean and in order.


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