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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Coffee Dates

i must say that i'm excited today. i'm full of anticipation towards my coffee date that i have tonight. i've been a participant in online dating for three years now. in those three years i've met thirteen women. tonight will make fourteen and tomorrow will make fifteen. that's right i have a date on two back to back nights with two different women named melissa and tonya respectively. out of the first thirteen i went on one date with eleven of them, two dates with one of them, and four with another.

at this moment i'm quite optimistic about meeting melissa tonight. that is something i couldn't have said a week ago. towards the end of october i sent a free message to melissa. we exchanged a couple of emails and then she seemed to be loosing interest, or at least that is how it seemed to me. over the next couple of weeks i continued to send her emails about what i was up to. mostly the same stuff that i was posting on my blog and she would respond about every other email. since i felt like she was flaking out on me i decided to start corresponding with another woman named tonya. this was around the middle of november. our conversations have gone quite well and we have a lot in common, but we might have a couple of religious differences that we might not be able to overcome. one being women in leadership roles in the church, but that is a post in itself. shortly after i started chatting with tonya, melissa replied to one of my emails telling me that she likes the fact that i've been assertively pursuing her and invites me to chat with her via aol's instant messenger. after a four and a half hour online conversation i convinced her to give me her phone number. out of all the women i've met online she has been the most reluctant to give me a phone number. about the same time i tonya gave me her phone number. so, two weeks and a few phone calls later i have two coffee dates. one today and one tomorrow.

last night i told melissa that she was one of two girls that i was talking to. i will tell tonya when I see her tomorrow. i'm not a player and i won't every be. i'm not one to date more than one woman at a time. but, i will go through the pre-date process with more than one woman at a time. especially if i've met them online. i say this because i understand that online chemistry doesn't guarantee chemistry once you meet face to face. since i'm not a player i don't hide the fact that i'm taking to other women. i think it is only fair and i feel that if you hide something from someone you violate what little trust you might have built with them. at first i hesitated to write this post because both melissa and tonya know about my blog, and i thought it would be weird for them to read my thoughts on them thus far, but i decided to anyway. besides that i haven't noticed any new visitors on my site traker. which leads me to beleive they don't even read it, but i could be wrong.


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