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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Rattlin' Shoes

for a while now one of my stylish brown dress shoes have been rattling when i walk. it doesn't rattle at a very noticeable volume, but when i walk in a quiet area i can hear it. for the longest time i just figured it was my gel heal insert, but this morning i decided that i have had enough of the rattling. so i took the gel insert out of my shoe and proceeded to shake my shoe, but to my dismay it was still making noise?! so i thought that maybe a pebble had gotten under the inside sole of my shoe. that idea was shot down when i found out that it was glued into my shoe. i continued shaking my shoe next to my ear until i figured out where in the shoe the noise was coming from. finally i narrowed it down to the heal, but where? i then decided to look at the bottom of my shoe despite all the logic that told me that this was absurd. like most all shoe the rubber on the bottom of my shoe was slowly wearing out from the mileage i put on it. Come to find out the bottom of my shoe isn't make of solid rubber. it was formed in a honey comb fashion and then covered with a thin solid layer of rubber. evidently the heal of my shoe wore to a point that a couple of pebbles punctured it and got stuck inside two of the combs. this morning i dug them out and now have rattle free shoes. i probably should start thinking about buying another pair of shoes, but that’s all I will do for now. i’m to cost conscious to buy new shoes while the tops of them still look good.


At 11/23/2005 3:13 PM, Anonymous faith said...

You might be able to get them re-soled for less than a pair of new ones! Then you will have them for a while longer.

Happy thanksgiving Mr. Jason, hope you have a great weekend!


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