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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Diamond In The Rough

amongst my friends there has been a buzz about eric's hair stylist and how great he is. i find it amusing that eric has recruited several of our friends to have their hair sculpted by his stylist. i didn't know that a great hair stylist was in such demand or that eric has so much clout when it came to hair? he has even been labeled as a fashion guru. i will admit that eric is quite well at adapting to the latest trend.

i'm don't care much about being trendy myself, or having stylish hair. i tend to stay a couple years behind the trendiest. primarily because it is cheaper to do so. i also like to keep my hair low maintenance. my stylist doesn't even use scissors to cut my hair. all it takes is a number five clipper guard for the top and a number two for the sides. despite the simplicity of my hair style i myself had trouble finding someone who could cut my hair right. you see the hair line over each of my ears is different, and i have had trouble finding someone who was good at making them look the same. i've gone to the low cost hair salons all my life. the ones that any fashionable person like eric wouldn't even walk by. the ones that anyone who wants a stylish hair cut stays away from. the one that i go too because it only cost $13.95 to have my hair buzzed off.

i should really get to the point of this post. my point is that sometimes you can find a diamond in the rough, and i've found one. her name is amanda and she works at master cuts in the vista ridge mall. she is tall, beautiful, kind, and soft spoken. i'm sure she could make a lot more money as a model. come to think of it, i wonder if she has ever done any modeling? anyway, i like having her cut my hair because she takes her time and does it right. i've had a few people cut my hair that i thought were trying to break a world record. amanda, on the other hand, takes her time and makes me feel relaxed as she softly and calmly cuts my hair. oh, and she makes the hair lines over my ears look right too. for this quality service i tip her well. so today i raise my mekong to amanda.


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