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Monday, January 16, 2006

Maybe God Didn't Want Me To...

a couple of weeks ago my pastor emailed me and said she wanted me to attend a focus group at my church with, author, tony jones. tony is a big player in the emergent church movement and we, being an emergent church, are of interest to him. i was excited to be a part of the focus group, but due to some hand held computer password issues i've had to adapt to a new way of keeping my schedule and the focus group didn't make it to the calendar. i was disappointed that i missed the focus group, but i think it was for the best and i can't help but wonder if God wanted me to miss it.

i say this because i ended up hanging out with my youngest friend andrew.

andrew will be seven years old in april, but i met him just over five years ago when i started dating his mom, claudia. we dated for almost two years so i got to see andrew a lot and he became quite attached to me. it is because of this i try to make it a point to hang out with him from time to time. i feel it is important because he loves me and he doesn't really have a good male role model.

andrew and i spent our time at celebration station in mesquite. we played putt-putt, and i taught him the valuable trick of skipping the 18th whole so you can play both courses for less money. after playing putt-putt we went inside to play video games. the game he had the most fun playing, which i too thought was awesome, was hyper bowl. this is the coolest bowling game ever! you, the player, have to roll a half submerged bowling ball to control the virtual bowling ball as it works it way through an obstacle course on it's way to the pins. i'm tell you it was a trip.

ironically after hanging out with my little friend andrew, i was to meet so friends for journey bowling night. i showed up early to the bowling alley so i could shop for some new bowling shoes.

they sell very trendy bowling shoes now days, but i wanted something that resembled the shoes people have to rent when they go bowling. i also thought that these orange and black shoes would go well with my leopard printed bowling ball.

i've been using my grandpa's blowing shoes for the past few years, but they starting to fall apart. besides i think they are older than i am. i don't think i needed to buy the shoes because i really haven't bowled that much since moving to lewisville, but maybe now that i have new shoes i will change that. typically bowling is kind of expensive to play at $4 a game, but on sunday mornings some bowling alleys drop the price to $1. since my church's service is at night most of my sunday mornings are free, and who can resist $1 bowling? i know i can't. for those of you wondering if i really have a leopard printing bowling ball. the answer is yes. what can i say? i like to be different, and who doesn't like a little attention sometimes?

after bowling most of us left the bowling alley to meet up with more friends at the tipperary inn to celebrate my friend john's 29th birthday. i drank guinness beer and three weeks ago i didn't even know i like guinness, but thanks to my cousin-in-law jeff who's around 35 years old, and whose grandma and mom doesn't know he drinks, served me a guinness at his home. he actually keeps his beer hidden so they don't blow his cover by looking in his fridge. if that's not funny i don't know what is?


At 1/16/2006 10:10 AM, Anonymous Audrey said...

Loved this post! By the way, your favorite cousin-in-law has a clear bowling ball w/ a skull inside it. It is always interesting living with Mamaw's little angel!

At 1/16/2006 1:17 PM, Blogger MOL Junior said...

tony is genius but i think even he would agree that spending that time with andrew is even more important to your soul. good job j-lay!


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