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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Iced Coffee

quite often i drink coffee at work. sometimes decaf and other times caffeinated. it tends to be warm on the floor of the building that i work in so i normally will drink my coffee and at the same time have a fan blowing my direction from under my desk. one day last week it was just too warm to drink a hot drink, but i was in real need of leaded coffee that morning. that's when it hit me. i've tried iced coffee at sbux and i remember liking it.

so i took my coffee mug dumped a package of hot coco in it and proceeded to pour in coffee. after shaking the coffee and coco together i put my hot mocha like mix into the freezer to help it cool off faster. after about 45 mins i removed the mocha like drink and added ice, and after tasting it i must say that it is a success. my ice mocha taste great. who would have ever thought iced coffee would taste good?


At 1/10/2006 6:18 PM, Anonymous Audrey said...

I am a big coffee fan too, and iced mocha is yummy! I am trying to switch to green tea though b/c they say it is better for you if you are trying to lose weight. It is still leaded, but it just tastes a little off. I'll let you know if I can get used to it or not.

At 1/11/2006 3:40 PM, Blogger kerri said...

i don't know about iced coffee, but i'm a huuuuge fan of iced chai tea lattes. seriously, it will blow your mind.

At 1/11/2006 11:06 PM, Blogger linz said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 1/11/2006 11:07 PM, Blogger linz said...

I accidentally deleted the previous comment so here it is again:

oh good idea, minus the ice though.

By the way, you haven't stopped by my blog in awhile, so I've dedicated an entry to you!

At 1/11/2006 11:43 PM, Blogger YayCoffee said...

I support your creative solution to the problem at hand. I often use the "leftover" cup in my pot from the morning for a nice iced latte in the evening. mmmmmmm!


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