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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Truck Dreams

three and a half years ago my 1992 chevrolet silverado was stolen and ever since then i've wanted another just like it.

after it was stolen, out the necessity of a car to drive, i bought a 1999 silverado. after 18 months of driving it i decided i didn't like it because it needed a new $1000 rackinpinion.

i didn't want to drop a grand into the truck. so i traded it in for my first brand new car. a 2003 gmc sierra. this my friends was a nice truck.

i had never driven a truck so comfortable in my life, but six months and $0.50 more per gallon of gas later, which was only $1.80, i traded it in for a fuel efficient and sporty looking toyota corolla. though i lost money on my trade i quickly recouped it due to the continued rise in the price of gasoline.

i've been driving my corolla for 18 months now and i do enjoy it and it's fuel economy. who wouldn't rather pay $22 instead of $44 to drive 350 miles? with my upcoming termination from the bank and the $9,900 severance package they are providing i've realized that if i can find another job within the next two months i could go out and by a second car. specifically a late model white chevrolet silverado. over and over the angel on my right keeps telling me i don't need one and i should pay off some of my debts with the money i will be getting, but as soon as i'm convinced of that plan the devil on my left tells me how great it would be to own an old truck again.

i've even caught myself searching the web to find out just how much a truck like the one i had would cost me. do i need a truck? obviously not since i've managed the last 18 months without one, but that little devil on my shoulder is pretty damn persistent. he tells me how much i enjoyed driving my truck and all the good memories i have of it. my dad has my grandpa's 1992 silverado and during christmas i opened it's door and jumped in the cab just to be reminded of how my truck felt. i think doing that and helping my brother shop for a new car really put this feeling inside me. for some reason every time i help shop for a car i get bit by the new car bug, and i can't help but think that it isn't good for my budget, but i can't help by entertain the idea either. i think i need professional help or a fat paying job to support my problem.


At 1/03/2006 2:01 PM, Blogger wewilleatyou said...

FELLOW COROLLA DRIVER IN THE HOUSE!!!!! YEAH YEAH... i also own a TOYOTA ECHO which recently has been discontinued.


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